Seminar: Theory of Change thinking applied in MSPs

On Wednesday 19 September, Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation together with SNV will host a full-day seminar to discuss the application of the widely-used Theory of Change (ToC) thinking in Multi-Stakeholder Processes (MSPs). 

This seminar is part of the international three-week course ‘Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and social learning’ organised by the Centre for Development Innovation. This year the course will be attended by over 80 professionals from all over the world!

Practice of MSPs has evolved strongly over the last 10 years towards far-reaching ambitions of improving dynamics in multi-actor systems. But what kind of change do we foresee with our interventions? What are the underlying assumptions? And what change do we really accomplish?

This seminar will look at the current use and application of ToC thinking in multi-stakeholder processes. Two speakers will share their experience and inspire you and provide you food for thought.

Would you like to participate? For more information please contact Ingrid Poolman ( You can register before the 12th of September 2012 through this link.

For more information, please see the 'Theory of Change thinking applied in MSPs' flyer

Or visit the website of the Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation.

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